Tuscany Travertine

Tuscany Travertine
Tuscany Travertine Tuscany Travertine Tuscany Travertine Tuscany Travertine Tuscany Travertine img_3701 img_3696

Turkish Travertine. Unfilled, Honed & Tumbled, 610x406x30mm or French Pattern

P5 slip rating, see in-store for more information

Our Custom Made Skimmer Lid


The Stonecraft Imports custom made skimmer lid has been designed to conform to the Australian Standard - AS 1926.3 2010 Swimming Pool Safety – Water Reticulation Systems. The Australian Standard states that skimmer lids must be child-proof (greater than 10.2 kg’s or lockable) and ventilated (opening greater than 315mm2). This change to the Australian Standard was in response to some serious and in some cases fatal accidents that resulted from lids children had opened.


  • The skimmer lid cannot be removed manually.
  • A heavy-duty marine grade 316 stainless steel key allows easy, controlled removal of the lid.
  • The use of this key ensures child resistance and meets the Australian Standards 1926.3.
  • A non-ferrous metal plate strengthens the stone lid to provide a safe to walk over surface.
  • The slot for the removable key allows adequate ventilation in line with AS 1926.3 The Stonecraft lid design meets the requirements of AS 1926.3 for ventilation via the opening for the key and child resistance in that it is considered lockable due to requiring a tool to remove the lid.

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STONECRAFT IMPORTS Pool Product Warranty

Attention all pool manufacturers, installers, landscapers and direct purchasers:

As you are aware, Stonecraft Imports supply all natural products. We hand select all pool coping pieces and profile the edges ourselves ‘in house’. We also supply extra pieces to allow for selection and rejection if necessary.

Due to the above procedures, we can warrant all pool coping products for a 12 month period upon the following terms:

  • Correct installation practices are followed
  • Correct sealing particularly salt pools and clean water flushing after each use
  • pH is at correct level to reduce calcium build up

With any product used around a swimming pool, especially salt pools, you can expect to see varying levels of deterioration within 5 to 10 years. This includes natural and man-made.

No claims can be made if the following occurs:

  • Cracking/breakage due to movement and settling of the pool shell
  • Calcium build up due to improper maintenance of the pool itself as well as surrounding areas
  • Abuse of product such as damage caused by dropping building materials and lawn edgers/mowers and snippers etc.
  • Staining

Due to the many factors of wear and tear by the end user, movement due to fibreglass pool shells settling and especially the long term affects of salt water; a warranty of 12 months will cover most issues the stone has itself.


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